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Construction of a new 2,500 cow mega-dairy complex, including new barns, milking parlour was completed in 2015. Installation of revolutionary Kevlar rotary platform from Waikato (New Zealand) and state-of-the-art milk monitoring equipment from AfiMilk (Israel) have greatly improved the ability to monitor the health and activity of animals. Increase in capacity from 1000 milking cows to 2500 to be realised by 2017-2018 along with a new nursery unit for optimal young stock rearing. Renewal of farm fleet vehicles, ongoing arable land reclamation and re-grassing for high-quality forage production. Further acquisition of arable land plots (600ha).
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On-going arable land reclamation to further extend the capacity for arable farming in the highly enviable ‘Black Earth’ region of Russia. Vehicle fleet renewal and modernisation of dairy processing facility.
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Complete re-modernisation of large-scale dairy complex. Significant increase in number of milking cows, and installation of modern 2x16 milking parlour embodying advanced AfiMilk milk monitoring technology. In-depth arable land surveys and reclamation, along with the ongoing design and construction in order to reach 1,000 milking cows. Significantly increased milk yields (c. +30%) and milk quality after reconstruction.
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Management restructure and operational streamlining. Opening of new milk collection stations and a centralised feed distribution centre. Replacement of farm fleet vehicles, further arable land reclamation, and ongoing maintenance of parlours/barns. Significantly improved milk quality measurable by reduced bacteria and somatic cell counts.
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Ongoing reclamation of arable land for improved forage production and streamlining of operational activities. Complete barn renovation and installation of new herringbone milking parlour, with markedly improved milk quality after reconstruction.
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Operational streamlining and managerial re-structuring. On-going farm fleet renewal, alongside significant re-grassing programme for improved quality forage production.