About us

Terra Nova Group is a specialist operator of large-scale, multi-farm dairy activities. The Group owns and operates dairy farms based primarily in the Northwest of Russia, and aims to become a leading supplier of fresh milk in the region by 2025.

The Group currently operates a productive portfolio of 6 dairy farms, with a combined possible cultivatable area of 40 000+ ha. Counting a combined herd size of 6 000+ cows.

In aiming to be a leading supplier of raw milk, the Group looks to implement modern methods of production, by constructing new cutting-edge, automated dairy farms, and modernisation of existing complexes.
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CAGR – Compound Annual Growth Rate

Business concept


To become a leading supplier of premium and affordable agricultural produce


To unlock the prolific productive capacity of Russian agriculture, through the modernisation and innovation of the dairy sector


Adoption of sustainable and international best practice farming methods

Investment in modern, Western agricultural equipment

Reap economies of scale by consolidation & clustering of production

Employ modern professional management techniques

Acquiring ownership of strong asset base

Strict quality control

Western business model incorporating optimised cost structure


St. Petersburg and the North-West region of Russia has historically been the leader of innovation for dairy production. In leading the development of the industry the first adaptation to an automated parlour from the original tied-stall method was adopted in St. Petersburg. The region has always been a leader in terms of quality and quantity, consistently producing some of the highest yields in the country.


Acquisition of dairy farm ”Druzhba” (Samara region), and dairy farm ”Novoladozhskiy” (Leningrad region)


Acquisition of dairy farm ”Vyaze” and dairy farm ”Cherskaya” (Pskov region)


Begun construction of new 2 500 cow farm adjacent to existing Novoladozshkiy dairy (Leningrad region)
Begun consolidation of individual farms to unified group holding


Re-construction and investment for further development of dairy farm ”Dubrovka” (Pskov region)
Re-construction of dairy farm ”Cherskaya” (Pskov region)
Financial restructuring and managerial re-organisation


Opening of new complex “Novoladozshkiy” (Leningrad region)
Opening of modernised complex “Dubrovka” (Pskov region)
Begun re-grassing programme and opening of modernised complex “Cherskaya” (Pskov region)


Established internship programme for European specialists in Russia
Group-wide consolidation of computerised herd and farm management system
Begun re-grassing programmes at “Novoladozshkiy”, “Vyazye”, “Dubrovka”
Introduction of specific genetic breeding plans


Acquisition of “Mislinskiy” farm, Leningrad Oblast
Continuation and expansion of re-grassing programmes


Construction of pilot project cheese factory – "Novoladozshkiy" (Leningrad region)
Completion of dedicated nursery facility – "Novoladozshkiy" (Leningrad region)


Creation of a new brand of dairy products "Nova Artisana”
Modernisation of grain harvesting and storage facilities – "Druzhba" (Samara region)


Terra Nova currently has in excess of 1,000 employees, all of which are based in one of our three main operating regions of Leningrad Oblast, Pskov and Samara. We are constantly looking for motivated and ambitious staff, especially those with specialist dairy experience. If you are interested in becoming a part of a fast developing business, we invite you to
contact us with a CV and covering letter.