Areas of operation

  • As a management and consultancy company, Terra Nova employs a small team of dedicated professionals. The highly specialised management team implement a well-defined strategy, covering livestock health & performance, technical support, legal services and financial & operational management.
  • The Group operates out of three Russian regions: Leningrad Oblast, Pskov and Samara, totalling over 40 000+ hectares and 6 000+ milking cows. Each farm is operated by an experienced manager, and supported by the management company and external consultants.
  • Clustering production in high-yielding arable locations, allows Terra Nova Group to reap the benefits of economies of scale, using resources and land efficiently for the highest possible quality of self-produced forages.
  • Located in areas with excellent access to sizeable consumer markets and dairy processors, the Group is constantly expanding to satisfy growing demand, as well as developing it’s own line of niche dairy products.

Key farming metrics (April 2017)
Region Herd (forage cows) Area (Ha) Potential area (Ha)
1 Cherskaya Pskov 8333 7608 000
2 Vyazye Pskov 7084 4326 500
3 Dubrovka Pskov 1301 3093 500
4 Novoladozhskiy Leningrad 1 6405 0316 000
5 Mislinskiy Leningrad 1 099-6 000
6 Druzhba Samara 71016 05616 056
Total: 5 12031 58846 056

Dairy operations

  • Terra Nova Group conducts daily operations with a focus on producing the highest possible quality raw milk. By ensuring strict quality control and the implementation of modern, sustainable farming methods, we are proud to contribute to the constant expansion and improvement of Russian agricultural production.
  • Increased levels of automation, with the modernisation and implementation of revolutionary New Zealand designed composite milking platforms, ensure consistent high output. Based on state-of-the-art hardware and software technology for monitoring cow health and production, Terra Nova Group is striving for constant improvement in milk yields and livestock health.
  • By implementing modern breeding techniques, Terra Nova Group is steadily investing in the future of our dairy herd stock, to ensure yield improvements and the constant development of high quality dairy breeds.
  • Terra Nova Group is actively working to develop a sustainable in-house solution for optimal nutrition and the growth of first-rate feed for our herds. Access to high-quality arable farm land in Pskov and Leningrad regions is a key principle in the Group’s strategy to reduce dependence on external supplies of feed, and optimise scientifically balanced nutrition for a productive herd.
  • Our continued commitment to the modernisation of Russia’s dairy sector involves the adoption of modern farm management practices in conjunction with implementation of advanced veterinary facilities. By adopting modern veterinary and agronomical methods and employing experienced business managers, analysts and international agricultural specialists, Terra Nova Group is investing in the future of milk production.

Other operations

  • Terra Nova Group also has a minor operation involving sheep livestock, with the production of wool, located in the Samara region of Russia.
  • Also located in the same region, is a small operation for the production of honey, some cereal crops (wheat, barley, other oats) and a small milk processing plant producing cheese, and an assortment of artisan dairy products.


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  • Terra Nova Group is committed to implementing modern technologies and equipment for maximization of animal welfare and productivity.
  • The welfare of our herd is the Group’s priority – only by creating a stress free environment to ensure a happy, comfortable cow, we can hope to produce premium-quality fresh milk. Terra Nova Group is proud to incorporate state-of-the-art Afimilk technology to constantly improve the operations of our dairy farms on a daily basis. By using cutting edge hardware and software, Terra Nova Group can collect and store key data needed for in-depth analysis of health, nutrition and milking procedures. This enables us to constantly monitor and improve herd fertility and production, thereby allowing Terra Nova Group to reach optimal operational efficiency and cow welfare.
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In our mission to unlock the productive capacity of the Russian dairy sector, the modernisation of our farms involves investment in the construction of the most up-to-date milking parlours. By incorporating revolutionary platform technology, such as that used in the most modern New Zealand and European farms, TerraNova is investing in world-class operations. Using 21st century composite materials such as Kevlar in the construction of our milking parlours, Terra Nova Group is at the very cutting-edge of milking operations.
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Sustainability and Farming Methods

  • As a responsible dairy producer, Terra Nova Group aims to constantly strengthen quality control and ensure that the safety and quality of raw milk satisfies the very highest expectations of the food industry and consumers.
  • The Group recognises the need to honour protection of the environment and consumer, and is committed to using environmentally and agronomical sustainable methods by trained staff.
  • The welfare of our herds is a priority, and on-farm practices ensure that milk is produced by healthy cattle under sustainable environmental conditions. Waste products are utilised on the farm where possible in a sustainable and adequate fashion, and we aim to reduce any negative impact on the surrounding environment.